ASAP TV AV & Antennas are TV, MATV, Speaker, Data and Phone cabling specialists, being in the industry since 1994. Pre-wiring your home at build stage is great but what if your in an existing home and need cabling installed. When most companies will say it’s too hard, we will go the extra mile to get that cable in for you.

TV Points

Stop using rabbit ears – call ASAP TV AV & Antennas for a new TV outlet that will work properly and look seamless. We will also check your TV signals to make sure you have the correct signal levels and tune your TV to make sure all is working perfectly.

Phone Points

ASAP TV AV & Antennas are able to install telephone outlets in your home or commercial premises. Although the landline is not being used much anymore, it is still required for ADSL connection and a must have for any new home.

Data Points

Data oulet’s are a must these days. with Netflix, Stan, YouTube and etc. happening all throughout the house, it’s always much better to have a hard-wired data cable than use wireless.
ASAP TV AV & Antennas will provide and install data cabling, network switches, WiFi Access Point’s and much more to make sure you’re getting the full potential out of your internet plan.


Get WiFi that works to it’s top potential. We use Ceiling Mounted WiFi Access Points to provide a full coverage of the home or commercial area. The larger the area the more of the Ceiling Mounted WiFi Access Point’s we add into the system. Although they are designed for commercial use, we use them in domestic properties too where signal strength in area’s of the property may be lacking. Although it will always depend on your internet service provider and the modem speed, our access point’s keep the speed very high and have great coverage.

Smart Home Cabling

ASAP TV AV & Antennas are specialist in smart wiring, and regularly use these wiring systems for new homes and renovations. The concept is to pre-wire the home to suit all scenarios, such as making sure the TV, Pay TV, Phone, Data, speaker, WiFi Cables and more have been thought of whilst we can access all the frames to wire the house. We generally run all our cabling back to a central HUB, for ease later once the building is complete. If needed we can assist the new occupants with their personal tech. Such as, their audio, TV, Pay TV, modulations (or distribution) of Pay TV to all rooms, their WiFi and more. If you’re building a new home and need it smart wired properly, call the specialist in ASAP TV AV & Antennas.